The main aim of the project is to construct a pilot building where all aspects of the edifice are interrelated between each other in order to exploit available resources on site and minimize the environmental footprint of the construction itself and of its users. To accomplish this main goal, we have identified seven main objectives:

1. To develop an integrated design that adopts both passive and active strategies to obtain energy autonomy exclusively through renewable resources.

2. To build and test an energy efficient and water conserving office building.

3. To demonstrate how it is possible to build an office building that is able to produce the energy it needs in a sustainable way and to show and study how these strategies might be implemented in the near future.

4. To increase the project’s replication by widely disseminating the results of the project among stakeholders of the building and construction industry.

5. To demonstrate that buildings can operate without the use of fossil fuels.

6. To demonstrate the social, economical and environmental benefits of adopting this type of buildings.

7. To increase experience and awareness in green building construction.