Expected results

The Autonomous Office’s” objective is to design and build a best practice building that according to our concept and objectives will achieve as final result a “Zero Net Energy Building”.


-       An integrated design for a building that adopts both passive and active strategies to obtain energy autonomy through renewable resources.

-       Successful construction of an energy-autonomous building with zero fossil fuel consumption after construction.

-       A reduction in energy demand from typical values of 250 kWh/m2 in office buildings to 110 kWh/m2 – through bioclimatic design.

-       A further 25% reduction in energy demand to a target of some 90 kWh/m2 through efficient energy equipment and control units.

-       Production of 100% of the energy requirement – 54 000 kWh for the 600m2 building – through on-site renewable energy micro-generation systems.

-       Prevention of 48.19 tones of CO2 emissions per year for an equivalent building – 15.9 tones CO2/yr from photovoltaic; 15.9 tones CO2/yr from hydrogen systems (PEM fuel cell); 5.04 tones CO2/yr from a small wind turbine and 11.35 tones CO2/yr from a biomass boiler.

-       Consumption of fresh water supplies limited to 15 liters per person per day – half of what may currently be considered good practice.

Excellent general working conditions for end users.